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Busty Julia De Lucia begs for cum to swallow

Tattooed Latina beauty Julia De Lucia was at her bedroom alone and bored. She invited the cameraman to film her as she is in the mood for some sexual teasing. She was wearing her fancy clothes, a polka dots dress and a white skirt. Being a blowjob addict you can see how she is excited to give a blowjob later on as she licks her fingers seductively. Julia didn’t waste any time as she unveils her polka dots bras and thong revealing her tattoo at the back and her plump butt. Being a naughty girl she keeps on licking her fingers before she starts removing her undies one by one.

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Julia De Lucia removed her bras at first and you will see one of the best tits that you will ever see in this industry. She is definitely proud of it and loves how she presented it in front of the camera. One thing we love what we are seeing afterwards is how she wiggle her butt. Yes she keeps on doing that in front of the camera in closeup. This Latina hottie did that while seductively looking in front of the camera. She is so tempting and the way she looks it looks like she is inviting you tap that fat ass.

She lay down on the bed and shows off her beautiful tits and her erect nipples with the top view. This lovely chick keeps on teasing, sucking her fingers like a real cock before she slowly insert it inside her panties. She started to caress her pussy with her hands before going back to her amazing boobies, groping it naughtily. This girl really wanted a cock based on her gestures and she deserves it. That is why she can’t take it anymore and started to seduce the cameraman as she frankly told him that she is hungry for some dick. Who wouldn’t deny this horny princess’ request?

She knelt down in front of the cameraman and started to suck that cock as deep as she can. Wow with that little mouth she can deepthroat that cock with a little effort. That is how talented she is when giving a sloppy head. That is Julia De Lucia’s specialty! She started strong before the blowjob gets rough as she sucks it as fast as she can. You can see how this naughty babe devours that huge cock with her mouth. She even uses her tongue to lick the tip of the cock for additional sensation. Yes she can multitask especially on blowjobs like this.

Imagine spending you cock 10-15 minutes drilling on Julia De Lucia’s mouth. It is a definitely a fantasy came true especially seeing her doing it in POV. Watch this girl started from being sensual to wild to a hungry whore, seems like she wanted this guy to cum to satisfy her thirst. You can see how eager she is to give this guy the best blowjob experience a pornstar can give. Seems like Julia De Lucia is enjoying every second of it, she is a pleaser and wanted to pleasure guys with her unbelievable blowjob skills. We even enjoy her moan and grasp for air and gag as she make it the sloppiest as she can for this guy to cum. She wanted to fill her mouth with his huge amount of load.

Watch this horny lady finally getting what she wanted as she jerked that cock as fast as she can pointing it inside her mouth. Julia De Lucia sticks her tongue out and didn’t waste a single drop. She sucked all the jizz that she can get before playing it naughtily inside her mouth. Watch her as she didn’t hesitate to swallow it all, and told her guy that it was yummy. What a perfect pornstar experience!

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